Get object type of collision, how?

How can I get the object type of a actor or component which is set under Collision Object Type? What I want to do is do something only for WorldStatic collisions on OnComponentHit while doing something else when it is a WorldDynamic object it collided with.
There is a Set Object Type but no Get Object Type. There is a EobjectType Variable but nothing that lets you get something to put in that variable.

Drag from Hit Component pin of the hit event and search for Get Collision Object Type. you can use that for Switch on ECollisionChannel.

Not seeing it, also when I search for Get Collision Object Type without context sensitive I find nothing nor does the documentation include it. Only Set Collision Object Type. Are you sure it exists? What version are you on?

It is there in 4.9 but i just checked on 4.7 and it doesnt exist apparently(i suppose you are using 4.8 so it is probably not there either.) If you are not able to update to 4.9 you can use Get Collision Profile Name as a workaround. It will give you the collision preset as a name variable, which you can compare with the collision preset you like and use it for branches.

Thx, that workaround should be good enough.