Get Object I'm Colliding With?

Hey there! This question may have been asked here but I do not know what to be searching for to find my answer… (explains why i am asking here directly.)
So my question is if there is a function within unreal that can give you a reference to what object your player (collider) is colliding with…
So say i have a character with a static collider set to it (typically the capsuleComponent), and whenever the character is colliding with an object/actor; You get a reference to what mesh you have a collision with.

Why I am asking this is because i have been thinking of the workarounds of the gamemode Prop Hunt in Gmod. (the mode lets you become the object you are looking at, I.E. it replaces you current character mesh with the mesh you are looking at.)

Thank you for any information! :slight_smile:

Either the “OnBeginOverlap” function of that collision is called (both sides) and that gives you “OtherActor” which is, in fact, the other actor.

Or you call “GetOverlappingActors” which will return an array of overlapping actors.