Get number of sections in a montage?

In short i want some sort of variable from montages that describe either the names of the sections or just a number telling me how many sections is in a montage.

My purpose for doing this is quite simple i want to randomize which animation play, say i got 6 sections and i want to randomize 3 of them to be random.

If anyone has a better idea for this please share, i am all ears.

I solved it like this (dirty hack):

if (GuardIdleMontage != NULL)
	FString result;
	int index = -1;

		result = GuardIdleMontage->GetSectionName((index+1)).ToString();
	} while (result != "None");

	if (index > 0)
		NumMontageSections = index;

Hey, thanks for the solution. However, there is an easier way:

int32 GetNumMontageSections(const UAnimMontage* montage)
	if (montage == nullptr)
		return 0;
	return montage->CompositeSections.Num();
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