Get node won't connect with a set node like in the tutorial.

I’m following this tutorial here:
But when trying to connect this “GET” node and this “SET” node it wont work. Screenshot - 08f9448718a4c2adf8e5735cc8362905 - Gyazo It says “BP Sky Sphere Object Reference is not compatible with Sky Light Object Reference.”
This is my node tree. Screenshot - 6a940b49e0c595401dc0045f38931c81 - Gyazo
How do I fix this?

Not sure how it all looks but maybe from the Get node, drag out a wire and search for get light and see if the light you are trying to set is a component of that BP instead of the actor itself.

GetAllActorsOfClass(BP Sky Sphere) > Get (a copy) > “get light” > Set variable