"Get Mouse Position on Viewport"

Hello, i found a really bad bug or what ever this is.

I have a print screen node there that shows:

  1. Viewport resolution (Get Viewport Size)
  2. Mouse position (Get Mouse Position on Viewport)

My Windows resolution is 2560x1440.

The “Get Viewport Size” works fine, i even test this with Photoshop and cutout that viewport and it was 1:1. So it works fine.
But “Get Mouse Position on Viewport” is so off it’s just insane. In the video i stretch the game window and the values where insane! Even tho my monitors width resolution is 2560 the output was 3600+ like it would use some “DSR (Nvidia Dynamic Super Resolution aka Upscaling)”.

Can someone explain me what’s going on and what i’m doing wrong?

I did this in the “FlyingPawn” Blueprint.


The DPI(Dots per Inch) scalar settings might be get uncorrect result for your viewport.

Try to use this node: Get Mouse Posıtıon scaled by DPI](
or try to change DPI scale parameter. DPI Scaling