Get mass of individual bones from a skeleton mesh

I’m trying to compute the center of mass of a character, and the GetCenterOfMass node, when not giving a bone name, returns the location of the first bone (the pelvis for the default mannequin).
In order to get the actual CoM, I want to get the mass of each bone, so that I can calculate the weighted average of each bone’s CoM. However, the only function we have access to in Blueprints is GetMassScale, which doesn’t really help here.

Is there any way to get the mass of individual bones, in Blueprints preferably, or in C++ if at all possible? Or get the true CoM?

To solve this problem, I decided to add some features directly to the engine source code, through pull request #2651:

This allows getting the mass of individual bones from Blueprints, as well as a convenience function that returns the true center of mass of the skeletal mesh (as opposed to the root body with GetCenterOfMass).