Get location from skeletal mesh actor within level sequence?

I have a level sequence with a character animation. I used a skeletal mesh in the level sequence and set it to hide the player character while the sequence is playing.
In the end of the sequence I want to set the actual player character location to the location the skeletal mesh ends up in the end of the sequence.
I set an event track that triggers in the end of the sequence and I can cast to the player character to set its location, but I don’t know how I can get the location of the skeletal mesh in the sequence inside the director blueprint.
Is there a way to “get” the values from a track in the sequence from inside the director blueprint, or something of the sort?

Otherwise, any suggestions on how I can do what I’m trying to do (which is: set the player character’s location to the same location that the skeletal mesh ends up in the end of the level sequence)?