Get Location Along Spline at Time? In Reverse?

I move the mesh along time using Get Location Along Spline At time and setting the mesh location to that.

However I can’t seem to move the mesh in opposite direction Here is the current code.

Any idea how to move it in opposite direction?

Just curious: what purpose serves the modulo node there?

When I first tried it, the mesh wouldn’t loop when the value increased to 1, modulo keeps the mesh moving in a loop.

my initial assumption was as long as time keeps on adding the spline will continue to through the next location in a loop (As its a closed loop spline) but it just stops at the last point hence 1 mod 1.

Do 1-x after the modulo. Not sure why you multiply by delta twice, though. I’d do something along the lines of:

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Thank you. Was trying to type (speed * delta)*(-1) but was driving. :rofl:

Bro… :innocent:

Not my fault… bored stuck for a while and suddenly it moves… :roll_eyes:

Yeah doing 1-x works, Thanks. the second one isn’t delta time but time in seconds. It was the most easy value to get that keeps on increasing with game time.

Ah, right. Sorry!

Am I too late? :sweat_smile:


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came back to it after a good night’s sleep and felt pretty stupid asking this question LOL.

Thanks, I was doing a branching statements but i see how clean the Select Float looks. so, nope you are not late you made my code hell lot cleaner.