Get Level Name from Line Trace

Is there a way to climb up the ladder given the out hit actor of a line trace to figure out which level it is placed in?
working with world composition.

Preferably BP, but i’d take a C++ solution as well.

This is not for game-play purposes, but a quick way to flag levels that have issues by computing a log for the testers (who get an EXE, so I guess it’s almost like for production).

(Currently extracting it from Get Path Name, would prefer a cleaner solution).

Each streaming proxy gets a level bounds. I go through and name each proxy and bounds for my own troubleshooting purposes etc. I’m thinking there should be a way to get the Level bounds actor name. I’ll dig a bit in editor and see if I can’t find something simple.

there’s 11k tiles, so I’m not to happy about letting the PC run for another 48 hours to process adding a game-tag, but I suppose I could…

Holy !!! I was under the impression you were working with landscape levels.

I’m under the impression I need to come up with a custom way to manage the landscape given the sheer amount of time it takes for the engine to do something as basic as renaming the folder that contains said levels… But either way, it works.
I have a hard time generating the impostor meshes too… I think i’ll just need to set my other PC as a processing unit and create AHK scripts to handle the steps / let it run endlessly until it’s finalized. Your suggestion is not bad. Particularly because I don’t think Get Path Name works in the EXE…

Yeah I assumed you were working on something similar. I have a 4x4KM map which is only 16 levels at 1009x1009. Naming those on creation was a pain but easy enough.

Using the same size tiles actually. I tried 505 since the performance was markedly better, but it’s also twice the tiles (and more)…
To be honest, I’m also HOPING - because hope is all it is right now - that the HLOD systm can be levaraged to join the far level tiles together to create the low-res mountain ranges visible from 30km away or more… I haven’t managed to get to a point where I can test that just yet.

11K @ 1009^2 …That’s a huge ass level. Hope you’ve worked out origin rebasing.

Streaming distance is going to be brutal.

Rebasing works fine out of the box in .25
The distance is not far enough to cause folating point issues on the distant meshes.
Either way as I said, it probably needs some other way to render the mountain ranges… in a worse case scenario its around 70 “tiles” or draw calls really, which could effectively be packed into 1 given the distance…

I’m thinking that’s actually the best way to compress them if the HLOD system doesn’t work on them by itself…