Get Level an Actor is in?


Since UE4 tends to not give actors unique names, i ended up with a lot of duplicated names, which makes it impossible to identify a specific actor at all.

in C++ there is “GetLevel”, but not in Blueprint, which means i cant get the Level the actor is in, if multiple are loaded and none can be unloaded currently.

I cant give them Tags or IDs either, since i cant identify the level they belong to in the first place.

Any ideas?


i think you can actually give BPs tags :confused:

Select the Blueprint in the Content Browser and open it in the Reference Viewer “Alt+Shift+R”. Look for any maps on the left side of the Blueprint type.

There is a GetCurrentLevelName available in Blueprint.…ame/index.html

thanks for the replies, but that wasnt what i meant, but i solved it by replacing the objects that had duplicated names.

I meant: when the game is running, not in editor - thats easy.