Get Keys for ActorOnClicked, from the Keymapping of the Project?

Hi there…

I´ve a working way to select Actors (Units) in my Project by using the Event ActorOnClicked.
To make sure the Player clicked with the correct Key on the Object you can use an equal Operator of the Events “ButtonPressed” Parameter.

The Operator only allows me to select a single, hardcoded Key…
So… in my projectPreferences, i added an Input Action called “Action_Confirm”, that holds more than 1 Key (for Controller Mappiong, later in dev)…

So… Is there a “Key of Input mapping pressed” Node i just overlooked?


I hope someone knows the Answer to this… Cause a bunch of Conditions (or OR operators that check multiple hardcoded keys…) wouldn´t be so nice… ^^"

Haven’t tried to do something like that but you can try to do this from the opposite side.
Do Action_Confirm and check is there something that must react to this user action