Get isfalling or isinair seconds

Hi, to fix a bug, I would like to know how can I kill/teleport/launch up my character if he gets stuck falling mid-air for x seconds (something like Elden Ring does).
I know I need the character movement->is falling and in the last bit of code, a teleport or launch character.
But what do I link in between? A timer? A get real time? Please help.

You can use the animation Blueprint for that.

When the falling state ist activated, count an integer up, via timer by event.
And when the counter reaches a special mark, trigger the kill events in your Player Actors.

ClockWorkOcean has an Example for that:

Thanks for giving an answer, but I’m struggling to do discover what to implement to the example.

In case somebody is looking for this, I was finally able to fix it

I don’t know if the launch character is needed or not, but I placed it anyway.