Get IP address in Blueprints?

Can I get my ip address (local ip address) through Blueprints some how? The reason I am asking is because I have a network game on mobile that connect directly to an IP address (local LAN) for a game session. It’s a mobile game, so I use two cell phones. But, I currently use my router to tell me which IP address belongs to which cell phone.

But I would like to populate a UMG so that the cell phone user would know his local LAN ip address.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,

You could use the Null Online Subsystem and call CreateSession with LAN checked then the other devices can find that session with FindSession and JoinSession to pick one.

Note that to select the Null Online Subsystem you need to add this to the defaultengine.ini


Thank you, I do have all that stuff enabled, and/or wrote in (LAN sessions, ini and all that) but I wanted to have another options for joining the session. I know that I could get the ip address by going to network settings and all that but I was just curious if there was a “Blueprint” solution that just gets the IP address. Thanks all for that replies.