Get intreger from other level


I’m creating an endless runner to learn the basic. But now I have a problem and tried different solutions but none worked. What I want is wen I die The coins and distance runned is displayed in the death level (runner level en death screen are different levels). I tried with creating a savegame without succes (it worked for the total coins I collected in the game but thats it). I also tried other ways but none with succes.
Now the question is if somebody know how to exchangh intreger values between different levels? So If I collected lets say 10 coins in the runner level in the var Coins (intreger) I can ask the ammount of coins up into the death level to see how many coins I collected this run and print that to the screen (I know how the printing part works with widgets).
Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my bad english.

You need to use a game instance to transfert datas from a level to another.

Is that possible with Blueprint because I cant find anything about it (exept get). Or do I have to learn c++ first?

You can do it with blueprints : Here is a link to a video :

Thanks Fen! I didn’t ask this but I didn’t know that. Bits of random knowledge to be gained every time I lurk here :).

Great thanks. I Fellowed the tutorial and now it all works like a charm. Its even easyer then I expected. Also very good and clear tutorial :smiley: Thank for the help and the link YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Happy that helped ^^