Get instanced foliage actor for level in BP

Hi there, I have a feature that lets me cut trees down. It checks the tree foliage instance that I’m cutting and replaces it with a blueprint actor with the same model and transform to allow more interaction. Once the tree is cut though, I would like to replace the stump with an instance of the stump instead of leaving it an actor for performance reasons. I am using the get actors of class “instanced foliage actor” and getting index 0 to get the instanced foliage actor which contains all of my painted foliage. I can then pull the indexes of the trees from it. When I paint all of my foliage in the persistent level, it works fine, but if I place trees in a streamed level (I’m using a tiled landscape), it sends and error that it returned null… sometimes.

2 main questions I guess:

-1. is there a way to leave my stumps a bp actor, but with the same performance of a painted instanced foliage component?

-2. how do I properly reference the instanced foliage actor of a given streamed level when using a tiled landscape if I need to replace the mesh with an instanced foliage component?

Also, if I’m going about this the wrong way, any input is appreciated. I’m still pretty well a beginner, but I’m slowly gaining an understanding of some parts of the engine and realizing so much more about what is possible. This community is great, and the tutorials/documentation available have taught me enough to start playing with blueprints on my own without the need to look up everything or ask for help… at least some of the time.

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2. I also wanna know

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