Get Input Touch State keeps return true in Is Currently Pressed even I do not touch

Dear all,

I have a UMG and make it “Set Input mode Game and UI”.
After I clicked a button in the UMG, I remove the UMG from Parent,
to go into my Game.

In my Game logic, my Player Pawn will call “Get Input Touch State” from “Get Player Controller”, in Event Tick.
to see if any Touch of finger 1 occurs.

But I found that each time, I clicked the button in UMG, will make the “Get Input Touch State” return true, even I don’t touch.
After I touch anywhere once, the “Get Input Touch State” will become “normal”, which means if I don’t touch, it returns false.

Therefore, I change to “Set Input mode UI” and the “Get Input Touch State” acts “normal” after I clicked the button.
However, I need “Set Input mode Game and UI” to detect “back key”.

So, can anyone help me how to deal with the false alarm of touch after I clicked button in UMG, which is set “Set Input mode Game and UI”?

PS. The button’s Touch Method is set to “Precise Tap”. I found if I set to “Down and Up”, it is no problem. But I need “Precise Tap” to support Button Scrol.


Hello, i am having the exact same problem. please help

Hello again. I found a workaround for my case:

I use the “Is Currently Pressed” Boolean of the GetInputTouchState-Node to reset the vectors that are used to set the camera position when dragging. If the user uses the UI and then clicks back into the game, the bugged “Is Currently Pressed” Boolean was never set to false and the camera will jump.

I worked around this Issue by making all buttons of my ui focussable (they are by default), and then checking if the UI-Widget “HasUserFocusDescendands”.

I put the output boolean through a “not”-node and together with the “IsCurrentlyPressed” Boolean in an “and”-node. Now the “and”-node returns “True” if UI is not focussed and a Touch is registered, and “false” in all other cases. success, the jumping stopped!

Hope that helps anyone but me :slight_smile: