Get information about used widget in another widget

I have two widets. First one is a box with custom image, text and button inside. Second widget is a set of 6 first widgets (look at first picture). So in second widget I have a variables of every copy of first widgets inside.
How I can get a reference to variables into first widget throw second one?
Mean: I add second widget to viewport in map blueprint so I have a variable of it, but how I can get information of every widget which included in it, mean not a component like button or image box, mean widget at all (like varibale in second picture)? Same thing, if in first widget I create a mouseClickedOnButton event, I wanna to destroy this widget in second one. So how I can tell to second widget about in which widget I click a button?

Also: how to add/destroy widgets inside another widget?

Hope you understand me.
Thanks in advance.