Get Index of Colliding Instance of Static Mesh Instance Component


How do I get the index of a colliding instance that’s made by a static mesh instance component?
If further explanation is needed: I have an asteroid belt that contains say 500 asteroid instances, I also have a harvester, the harvester has a “detector”, when an overlap event occurs between the detector and an asteroid instance, how do I get the index of that asteroid?

Is this it?

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Well even if that picture does show what I’m looking for, all I get is -1, which isn’t use full, and doesn’t -1 usually mean “error” or “invalid” for some things?

I’m having the same issue. I have an object colliding with an instanced static mesh and I need to get the instance index when the collision happens. If this was a hit event, then I could get the index but that’s not in my current setup.

Did you figure this one out?

I think this 1 is still relevant to it.

For Instanced Static Mesh Component need to check “Multi Body Overlap” in Collision settings in hidden spoiler.

Still an issue. After 5 years. HitResult HitItem is always -1, not giving the index of the collided instanced static mesh.

Just “**check “Multi Body Overlap” in Collision settings in hidden spoiler.” **in both items you want to collide.

Just to clarify.

You need to enable “Multi Body Overlap” option on your Asteroids **HIM **(not the harvester), in the harvester blue print you will get “Other Body Index” populated correctly. So it will be your harvester checking collision not the asteroid.

Hope this helps.