Get InCaptureSettings for rendermovie function from sequence file or render movie programatically

I have a level sequence file & I’m trying to programatically(bluerprint or c++) render it to movie file without using sequncer GUI.
How to get the input paramenter
(object type:"MovieSceneCapture) for

render movie function in

Unreal sequencer tools Function Library.

If anyone has anyother method to render a movie without going through GUI of sequncer would be helpful.


InCaptureSettings just looks like a data-only blueprint that you could create in that same code.

OnClicked → Create MovieSceneCapture Object → RenderMovie

Hi, Natalo77.
Thanks for reply.

But, I have a sequence file. How do I get the** MovieSceneCapture **data from sequence. there is no function in BP to create **MovieSceneCapture.
On clicked **is just a button I created to test, later I shall put it into code so I wont have to go through U.I at all.

You can use the ‘Construct Object from Class’ Node, shown on the left, and select ‘MovieSceneCapture’ in the Class Field, shown on the right.

Thanks alot Natalo.That fixed the movie capture variable.
But, when I render movie from code, it begins rendering and stuck there. Doesnt do anything. But when I click render movie from GUI of sequencer it renders movie. The sequence has 2 actors doing nothing, a simple test sequencer file.

But when I click render movie from GUI of sequencer it renders movie.
The test code is simple and straight forward.

Well yeah.

You’ve constructed a blank MovieSceneCapture object.

You need to take a look at the documentation for it to figure out what data you need to set within it so that it should work.

Well, its not a blank movie scene object. Test Level Sequence has a valid level sequence file as input. That brings back to my initial question in the post, how to get movie scene capture from level sequence.
I plugged in a level sequence to create a scene capture object, but there seems to be some data missing.

UMovieSceneCapture has too many variables, not sure what data to set .…ure/index.html

Try changing the Settings and initSettings variables, then on the callback event, run the Finalize method