Get in-editor error from Copy/Paste issues?

I think the best way to describe this is as follows.

Create a new blueprint. uncheck the content sensitive and create a “Add instanced static mesh component” - it’s under rendering.
Create a new blueprint component, copy the blueprint node into it.
This will fire off an error
“One or more copied nodes could not be pasted into this graph!”

I would want to get my hands on a list of Why that is. surely there’s more information about the precise exception - Where would I look?
'tis not within the message log, or the output log…

Additionally - Yea it’s a component, so why would you ever add a component from within a component? It’s go plenty of uses, that’s why.
Doesn’t mean the component to be added is going to be part of the component or even the actor the component is a part of.