Get id name to trigger the box collision

Hi everyone.!
So i create a bp class of a truck and create multiple childs of that bp class to create alot of diffirent truck. Then i create a box collision of bp actor to spawn a container so i know every bp class have a id names are there anyways to get that id names to trigger the box collision i want.
Not every truck can spawn the container except the truck with the id name i want can spawn their container.
Thank youu!

If these are blueprints, then just make the ID an integer in the blueprint :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply !
So you only can create a valriable for the bp to specify it. I can’t get the id name if i want?

Name and id are not reliable. Make your own integer ID. That way, you know what’s going on.

and you can always use a BP to number them if there’s a lot…

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You can use a tag:

It’s a Name property.

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or that…

So when the truck spawns a container, it gives it the same ID or tag as itself.

thanks for the reply but if i have a SpawnPoint to keep spawning the bp truck so i can’t set the default ID for each that truck.

I think you can. Spawn a truck, give ID = n, spawn next truck, give it ID = n + 1

Can you do that?

Let me try that maybe i get over complicated.

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How many trucks are there? If it’s 20 or so trucks you could use enumeration - efficient and not prone to typos. If it’s a TRUCKLOAD, that’d become a nuisance rather quickly.