Get Hit Result Under Cursor doesn't work on enemies

I am working with the ‘Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel’ to find what the user is clicking.

If a hit result is found with the landscape, then the player moves towards that point.
Also on blueprints of my weapons (simple blueprint with static mesh), a hit result is generated when clicked.
However, when I click on one of my enemies, then no hit result is generated.

So how come that for my weapon blueprint a hit result is generated, but not for my enemy blueprint?

Kind regards!

P.S. Simplified version of the blueprint that I am using:

Is your enemy blocking Traces in the configured Channel, in this case Visibility? I guess that not, since this usually works correctly. Look into collision settings on your enemy.


I changed the settings (as indeed it was set to ‘ignore’ to the visibility trace), but it is still not working.

Here are both my collision presets for the mesh and capsulecomponent (left are old (original) settings, right are new settings).

can you reproduce this with that simple graph you shown, and maybe turn off trace complex as you don’t really need it.

By using the simple graph, the problem still exists.

Furthermore, if I disable trace complex, only the landscape is found as the hit result (so also the other blueprints, such as small potions on the floor, are not found).

this is weird, as you should at least hit the capsule, for potion I suggest you also either use a simple shape, or have a simple convex bounding shape as collision volume(for efficiency).
can you also print hit component?

Okay, I have found the problem with your help.

I am using a spawning volume to spawn children of a parent ‘enemy-blueprint’.
Apparently, even when I changed the collision presets in the parent, for the children the ‘trace response’ for ‘visibility’ was still set to ‘ignore’.

When recompiling the children, and changing the settings again, everything is working.

And the component that is being hit is the ‘collision cylinder’.

Thanks and Penguin :slight_smile: