Get ground control points which correspond to imported control points



Can you provide the structure of binary file controlpoints0.dat?


I tried to create a 3D model fully automatically via the command line:

  1. Add folder, align model and import control points from file.
  2. I need to get ground control points (3D-coordinates) which correspond to imported control points:
  3. to make reconstruction region file (*.rcbox) using an external program
  4. needed by themselves for subsequent calculations at external program
  5. Calculate model with generated reconstruction region file


So, I can’t export ground control points at step 2 because it type is “Tie point” and it is not possible to automatically change type to “Ground control” and export using argument -exportGroundControlPointsEx.

I would like to read ground control coordinates directly from saved project (controlpoints0.dat), but I doesn’t know it’s structure.

Or maybe you know other methods to get ground control points automaticaly which correspond to imported control points?


Best regards,


Hello Yury, 

if you need to export the actual coordinates of all control points (even Tie points), you can slightly modify one of the export formats.

The behavior of „Ground control“ export function is defined by ‘controlpoints.xml’ located in the installation folder. 
For example, you can export actual (calculated) coordinates for all control points separated by comma, to three decimal places:

<format mask=“*.csv” descID=“20336” desc=“Comma separated, Name, X, Y, Alt” writer=“cvs” specificCoordSystem=“1”>
<body>#point_name, actualX, actualY, actualAlt
$ExportControlPoints($(name), $(actualx:.3f), $(actualy:.3f), $(actualAlt:.3f)


Thank you! Export works well.

It remains for me to implement the creation of a * .rcbox file to complete the implementation of my integration with RealityCapture. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the Euler angles (see my another forum topic). Could you help me with example?