Get GPS coordinates in UE4

Hi everyone.
I want to create Geolocation Game on Android platform.
How can i use GPS coordinates(I need only latitude and longitude) in UE4?

I have no idea how can i realize that(code in C++).Please can anybody help me???
ANY ideas about this please…

P.S. Sorry for my English lang,im from Russia.

I don’t think there is any way (yet) of doing this natively in UE4, so you’ll need to write some external C++ functions to call the native android methods (Sensor  |  Android Developers)

Thanks you for the answer. I know about that. Do I understand that to get GPS coordinates is only possible using the Google play services?(I think about my 25$ =) )

Yep, I don’t know the android environment that well but it looks like this is where you need to start: GpsSatellite  |  Android Developers

Thanks for help

Hey guys,

I might be too late on this thread, but was wondering if it is possible now to get GPS location of the device from C++ code as I know GPS Location Services are available in Blueprint (Unreal Engine 4.15).

If getting GPS Location is not possible via C++, is there a third party library that supports it or if I can some how call Native Android and iOS Platform function to get. I know this topic might be huge to ask for to be explained, but I am stuck on this issue for long time now and could not find a proper solution to it.


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