Get Game Time

does this return the world time (as in time from starting the world, including going through reboots and what not.) or the server’s up time from last loading of the level? (Time since last reboot?)

This returns the time that the game has been running, and is affected by time dilation & pausing. Unless of course they modified this node for the dev kit, in which case I have no idea what it does.

so this does not return server uptime from last reboot.

is there one that does?

I have no idea, I have never used the ARK Dev Kit.

I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, but if you’re trying to get the current time of the game world then:


update comes out, admin reboots server to update, how long has it been since the server came back online.

Getting the system time is entirely possible within the engine, but blueprints it isn’t really. Not without C++ custom functions. At least, not in any simple manner.

You’ll need to experiment with things like:


How I could see you doing it, is getting the Real Time Seconds (essentially the same but opposite of what Game Time in seconds does) - it gets the seconds of real time since the world was created for play, apparently not affected by pausing or clamps and time dilation - on end play and begin play, storing these in variables and comparing one to the other to determine the amount of time that has passed between the two… in theory that could work. But, that’s all I’m going off, theoretical.


I do see an event dispatch of on level loaded, but i cant seem to get it to place in my graphs

Armed with the knowledge of being able to write to game log now, I have determined ‘Get Real Time Seconds’ returns the time the server has been online the way I need it to. It returns 0.0 on loading the server up. I further verified this by having a delay of 10s and checking again, which returned 10.1. I guess there is some computation time in there as well.