get from scroll box

Hi i am trying a functionality with scroll box

I am trying to take the point suppose center and after scrolling randomly whenever i click this button it should print that number

(In this image i stopped at 22 so whenever i click button on right side i need to print 22)

just give me some hints how to do this i want to try it

I am attaching my project please have a look. But i am not good in UMG part :smiley:

project link - [link text][2]

It’s would be very difficult to make this work right in UMG, not impossible but the scrollbox is not something I’d use:

Image from Gyazo

And at this point I’m gonna tap out as we’ve just hit a UMG limitation ;). If you really must do it, do look for carousel menus. There’s a couple of examples here on AH and some in the Forums, by me.

You’d essentially need to construct the entire system from scratch.

Or, if you must do it with scrollbox, you’d need to fake it; it’d be a matter of adding padding to the top and bottom of that list; there’s no over-roll for scrollbox so you’d need to fake it and re-jiggle indexes.

If anyone does know how to do it right, please do tell :smiley:

I am trying to keep this whole thing in circular like shown in this video

link text

How can i do this?

how can we give center point for
widgets to move circularly

Consider the following:

Image from Gyazo

Now you’d need to add interpolated snapping to rotation; if you want to drag to spin, use mouse delta rather than wheel delta.

Don’t use a scroll box. Move widgets in a circular pattern.

I didn’t understood exactly how to achieve without using scroll box
Or how can we give center point for widgets to move circularly