Get forward vector of actor component not it's root

Hi everyone,
I’ve been stuck on this for a while, Whenever I try to get the forward vector of a component in my blueprint it gives me the forward vector of it’s root.
Any way that I can get the forward vector of the component.

Thank you in advance.

Get component relative rotation → get forward vector, that will return the local forward vector OR if you want the world forward vector…Get component world rotation → get forward vector. The rotation return will be based on the mesh’s root x axis no matter which way it is facing. Example an arrow that is imported with it’s point facing down the x axis and is then rotated to point straight up in your BP will return the x axis forward vector from its root which would be facing up.

Check your component’s relative rotation in component browser. If it equals to 0, 0, 0 then ur component’s forward vector is equal to your actor’s forward vector.

thank you, this helped.

Also helped me, not obvious…