Get forward angle from the previous waypoint

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on a pathing system using splines and I am trying to find a way to limit the position of the next waypoint (Spline World Point) to be within a forward angle of the previous point. As the player will be able to draw the path the during game, I’m trying to stop players from being able to just simply scribble the path (As fun as that would be).

I have tried getting the rotation of the previous waypoint and adding/subtracting the angle and seeing if it is within the bounds, but I have had no luck in getting this to work properly. All I need to find is if it is True (Within bounds) or False (Out of bounds) as everything else is setup.

I was wondering if anyone knew an good solution for this?


So I have this working now when using ‘Get Rotation XVector’ on both points. Not sure if its the best way but it is easily editable and does what I was after in the end.