Get Force Applied on an Actor


I have been trying to figure out how to get the force that is currently being applied to an actor/rigidbody. I have searched and searched and be unable to find the solution. I tired many different things but I can seem to get the results I was expecting/hoping for.

I have done lots of different tests but to save time rather than posting loads and load of images I will just post one simple one…

This test takes the velocity inverts it (multiply -1) and adds it as an impulse to the rigidbody (I tried doing similar things with a fixed frame rate and a add force but the results where very similar)

Blueprint Below…

The result of this is…

As the image say the box still falls at quite a fast pace, but strangely the force being applied per second is only off by 0.002. The speed at which the box falls feels much quicker than the difference. So to test this I created a box without gravity and applied the 0.002 impulse (which in theory would be 60 times more than the error amount)

The result of this test is that the box does not move at all (or not visible movement anyway).

I feel like this issue is to do with how the physics is applied.

What I am trying to understand is how do I apply a force that would cancel out the force currently being applied to the object? (for example if an object was moving and you wanted to apply the correct force to stop it dead in one frame.)


I guess you are looking for something other than simply setting the velocity to zero?

Hi GarnerP57,

Thanks for the reply, yeah setting velocity to 0 would work but sadly I am really trying to find out how much force is being applied to an object so I could, for example, find out if an object is “sliding” in a particular direction and apply the correct force back against that object in the opposing direction to stop the slide. As shown above taking the velocity in a particular direction and applying it against the object sadly not seem to work as I had hoped and was just trying to find out if there was another way.

Very late reply, but I’d also be interested in knowing this. I’d like to know the combined effect of gravity, and any other forces acting on an object, such as an object on top or next to it. If there are any workaround methods to knowing this, that’d be great too!

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