Get distance to node and cull distance not the same?

Hi , so I got get distance to logic set up on the level bp and a barrel with cull distance set to 3000. Now these should both be in units? the barrel is whats referenced for the get distance to and the other actor is my character. So the cull distance at 3000 on the barrel , but my get distance to print shows about 1,900 when the barrel disappears as I move away. Is there some reason they would not be the same?

LODs perhaps?
If they are set they trigger based on screen size of the object.
Not sure why a LOD would have no mesh in it, but it could be that it is scaling to a billboard and that the billboard is on the wrong side / not set to double sided.

Also 3,000 should be 3km in distance. Depending on the size of the barrel that’s some good eyesight?

Test the same way with the engine cube. Set the full distance and see if the 2 match.
the engine made cube has no lods or any wierd setting that would cause issues and is visible by default nearly anywhere on the scene. Even when all you see is a tiny dot.

I use them as distance markers a lot when checking landscape Z scale for instance…