Get Distance To no execution pin?

Since the update in URE 4.7, the Get Distance To node does not have an execution pin. Is there a way to reroute this? I am trying to attach the execution pin on Update_range to Get Distance To, and the the Branch execution pin would be attached to Get Distance To. I cannot have this run correctly without this function. Any ideas? thanks.!

Maybe you can change for:

FVector VectorBetweenYourObject = Self->GetActorLocation () - GetPlayerPawn ()->GetActorLocation ();
float Distance = VectorBetweenYourObject.Size ();
if (Distance <= AttackRange)

Is there anyway to avoid C++? whenever I tried to use the feature for it, it asks me to install Visual Studios 2013, which I have installed. I restarted the engine and it still says I need to install it.

Yes, the code i gave to you can be written with blueprint. I have no to make and post image sorry, that’s why i gave it to you in c++.

So you have a VAR you want to update with the value from the get distance?

The Distance is calculated by PositionOfActor1 - PositionOfActor2. You can get position with the node GetActorLocation. A Vector - AnotherVector give you a new Vector. The Length or Size of this vector is the distance between your points.