Get dinosaur to follow a set path

Whats the best method for getting a dinosaur to follow a premade path?
Not sure if this has been done before but I couldnt find much for it on here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

bumping this just incase anyone has any info

you could use move to location as shown here.
maybe a player can place down little structures which could then be used as a location marker…

From my experience building anything within the level blueprint is pointless as it doesn’t work but when I try to build a similar blueprint within the game state it doesn’t work correctly as it wont allow me to reference my AI BP :confused:

You dont have to do it in the level BP(you can if you use a map extentsion mod) and the “AI Move to” node works quite alright. How is the premade path defined? Do you want it to be player made or is it something you want to setup beforehand? Which dinos should wander that path?

Here is something im working on that uses the “AI Move to” node: ADK DinoCommander WIP - YouTube

I’ve only just read this reply, I am essentially wanting to create a pre made path that is setup beforehand. I have one specific dino I want to wander that path,

that looks pretty sweet! :slight_smile: