Get dimensions/bounding volume of static mesh component?

How can I determine in BP the bounds of a given Static Mesh? My BP has a Static Mesh Array variable where the artist can plug in whatever meshes they will be using in the BP, but I need to determine their extents in order to work with the properly.

“GetComponentBounds” for components
“GetActorBounds” for Actors

Sure, you can do “get component bounds” and use the “box extents” or “sphere radius” and then do 1/x on that to equalize everything to 1 unit before then scaling to your final size.

You may have to first assign the mesh with a scale of 1 and then get the component bounds off that before setting to your desired scale.

Hmm neither of these seem to actually work on a variable of type “Static Mesh” (Object Reference)

thats what I meant by first assigning the mesh to a component and setting the drawscale to 1.0 before getting the component off that one.

You need a staticmeshcomponent variable to go with it.

bit of an old thread however still relevant, I want to do something similar however I want the EXACT area in 2D and 3D volume of a static mesh. is there a way to get the info? I don’t want it to be an approximation, it needs to be accurate.

As far as I know this isn’t possible. You could use the node GetComponentBounds on your StaticMeshComponent but this returns only the lowest and highest values of the 3 axis of the StaticMeshComponent’s collision bounds. So this will work only with cuboids that aren’t rotated. If you would know the ratios between the scale of your StaticMeshComponent in each coordinate you could extract the exact volume of a rotated cuboid mesh by combining GetComponentBounds and the rotation of your component and its actor but I doubt that’s what you want.

Thanks for the reply Pepeeee, my aim is to basically bring in large amounts of Revit into Unreal, the revit data are “rooms” converted into 3d objects using dynamo, If I can then get the dimensions i could easily display to the user it’s sizes. Right now I’m working on another way just incase I can’t get this to work where I get Dynamo in Revit to export the “room” meshes with a prefix name of it’s own area. Then in Unreal I can just get the mesh name to show it’s area size. which gets me to my next point… If I have a text variable are there ways to extract pieces of it using BP? I could possibly export more info on each mesh name to get lots of info in unreal with very little mesh sorting…

Old thread, but I am also having an issues with this. Bounding boxes are easily displayed, so I am surprised that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to display the size of the bounds as well. What gives? Also having an option to display edge lengths would be super helpful.