Get Data Table Row - Cant use data table variable

The BP node Get Data Table Row don’t accept a Data Table Variable. It feels like it should or am I wrong?

It looks like the node Get Data Table Row accepts only literal data table reference. Someone had a similar problem. Have a look here and see if it helps. They found by adding C++ code to your project it will work.

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I know it’s and older question but as the engine changes so do the solutions.

If you select you your “Get Data Table Row” node and attach a known struct on output, like Break MyStruct or Set a struct variable it allows the “Get Data Table Row” node’s output pin to get typed and then you can connect your data table variable to the node .


Yesss ! This is exacty what I was looking for. I’ll be able to create reusable functions for my data tables that I know have all the same structs. Many thanks ! :smiley:

Excellent answer! Just what I needed. Thank you.

This should be the accepted answer now. Super helpful!

Use Get Data Table Row from utilities