Get Data Table Row bug?

So my question is that i cant use get dataTable node if a variable is containing which dataTable should it use ?
Okay, i can kinda understand that in most situation if you get completely different kind of structs you it may cause some issues, but i have 3 dataTables based on 1 struct. I just simple wanted to make 3 dataTables for each in game class i have so i can keep the skills separate, but if this isnt possible i guess i will use only one.

If all your data tables uses the same base struct, you can do a simple trick.

1 - Create a function (GetMyDataTableRow) in the desired blueprint with two inputs, one output and pure.

The first input type is “Data Table” reference.
The second input type is “Name”.
The output type is MyStruct (the base struct for your data tables)

2 - Inside the function, create the “Get Data Table Row” node, select one of your tables as the input direct at the node. This will type the node output. Connect the node output to your function output.

3 - Connect your function inputs to the node inputs and compile.