Get Data Table Row Blueprint decoupling when opening project

I’m working on a dialogue system using CSV imported into data tables. They work great, but every time I reload my project Out Row decouples from whatever I assigned it too. And as you can imagine I use this a lot in a dialogue system and it’s very time consuming reconnecting after every reload.

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1.This is state I find my blueprints in on reload. They will also not reconnect until I do what I show in image 2.

2.To get nodes to reconnect I need to reselect my data table (one that is already populated into Get Data Table Row Node)

3.After doing that I can connect out row as normal. Then I repeat for all remaining uncoupled nodes.

Feature Request: A way to declare a DataTable as a variable so I can dynamically change them in Blueprints. Currently there is no way to promote or declare a variable of DataTable type. If I’m to continue implementing my dialogue system I really need to be able to swap Data Table that is being used.(each data table is a conversation) It would be extremely difficult to maintain a single CSV file that contains entire dialogue of a game…

Hey Spade,

We’re looking into issue you described currently; I believe it may be related to this bug:

I’ll keep you informed as I see how that develops, and if it’s not related we’ll open a new bug report for what you’re experiencing.

Would you mind opening a new post in Everything Else section for your Feature Request? Tag it with [Request] and we’ll take a look at it there.


This is still a ongoing issue. Get Data Table Row becoming decoupled on reopening of your project.

This is still a issue in 4.5.1

Hi Toom,

This issue was reported in its own report (JIRA UE-3323), and has since been fixed. fix did not make it into 4.5, but will likely be in next release.