Get data from level name

Hello, I am working on a level streaming system that works by loading and unloading levels based on their name. This is great as it allows me to only develop the means to get between a start level and an end level making development much faster. It also enables high moddability as you can easily just add levels by naming them properly. The way it works is it has a level stream where you have your start platform that also has stuff like the atmosphere and lighting in one level, a finish line in another level, and then your course that changes in a third. Each of these levels are loaded at the same time so you will have three levels loaded at any time.

Heres an example of the system because I am terrible at explaining things.

What I want to do is move the finish level around based on the current course loaded but I want to maintain my amount of modularity. I am thinking what I need to do is write metadata to each level saying where it wants the finish level to be and then read that and spew it back out. My issue is that the metadata system is poorly documented so I have no clue how to start.

I may be way off on my idea but anything that might work along those lines would be great. Basically I need to read 3 vectors from a level name without actually modifying the name.