"Get current players" return 1 always


I have built a server browser and have info about servers displayed: name, current players, max players and ping.

But… current players always return 1. Not sure what to do cause i’m using the built sessions function.


I am also having this issue. We are running through steam. Does anyone have any insight? Or did you ever resolve your issue?

Any luck figuring this one out? I’m also having the same problem.

do you used a dedicated server?

when u start a session it automatically makes you the host and first player i guess

I am not using dedicated servers. Our game runs listen servers only. Can these not provide player count information?

Hello all,

I have this same problem, ping 9999 and current players always returning 1.

Any ideas?

For this, I use get num players. I think you have to tell the session a player was added for the one you’re using to work.

Has anyone got a simple fix for this yet?