get correct vector for up movement


I did setup a Pawn which is a sphere, a spring and a camera, so the camera looks at the sphere.
I have another blueprint which is the pawn controller.
I use WASD to move forward and sideway’s and QE to move up down.
on my middle mousebutton i have Yaw and Pitch.
So when i pan around with the middle mousebutton and press W i move in the direction where i look at which is fine.
When i press Q or E the direction where i look at is also taken into account which i don’t want, i tried to compensate that with a rotate vector but i don’t seem to get it right.
So how do i get the correct vector for moving up and down, so i always go straight up or straight down ?

Like relative down so on 45 degree angle down an ange rather then world z using the normal of what your traveling on or because it’s spinning its forward vector is constantly changing?
You may want to get linear velocity and work with that

I assume someone expirienced in unreal engine would know what to do now :slight_smile:
Since i am very new to unreal that answer is a little bit too advanced for me.
I just realized the editor actually uses the same navigation behaviour what i aim for, does the standart navigation from UE4 editor exist anywhere as blueprint ?

“Get Up / Down Vector” - based on the actor’s world rotation
Simple Increase / decrease Y Position, is this what you’re looking for? It’s without the world rotation.


Thanks for your help, i am not 100% sure if i managed to solve it the way you recommendet but it is working now