Get controlled pawn Help.

I’m in the process of making an AI system. I made my AI character blueprint and called it “AI_Bot”. When I do Event Recieve Execute and link the node to "AI_Bot " it won’t let me link to “Get Controlled Pawn” can someone please help. It’s making me only choose “Cast To AI Controller”. But if I do “Cast To AI Controller” it lets me link to “Get Controlled Pawn”, is “cast To AI Controller” the same as my blueprint “AI_Bot” “Cast To AI_Bot”?
Charles Eudy

I am kind of confused by your question. It would be great if you could give us some more precise information.

Which is your AI controller class and from which base class is it derived?
Which is your AI character class and from which base class is it derived?
Where are you trying to set up the link to “Get Controlled Pawn”?

Screenshots of your setup might also be helpful.

Casting to the controller and getting the pawn works for me.