Get Control

Hello, I’m doing an application in the first person. There is a time when the game need control the player and do a pre-stipulated camera movement, and the player can’t move anything. To trigger this event would have a Trigger Volume, how can I do this with blueprint?

There are a few ways of doing this as to where to splice in a control logic, switching from a movement state to a scripted camera movement, and this is a good option by turning off the movement components movement.

The logic is if the player enters the trigger volume movement becomes false and allows the camera script to run. Once the state is cleared as to the action of the camera the movement component is set to true and the player is allowed to move once again.

I saw a tutorial about this, but he used to change the camera using an “M” button, I didn’t think this way, use the walk button to make him activate the trigger, thank you.