Get Control Rig Control Transforms in Blueprints

Hi, I’m trying to move the controls in a control rig from another blueprint since the Control Rig editor is missing some nodes that I need. I know how to set their transforms (pushing the new transform to the AnimBP and plugging it into the Control Rig node), but is there a way to GET the transform of the control to use in the calculations outside of the control rig?

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Looking at the C++ implementation, it looks like this is not supported yet out of the box. It looks like it is planned though, since some sort of foundation is laid already.

There are ways if you want to go into the engine code:

  1. Fix the Control Rig animation graph node to support outputting data. For starters, you would be looking at making bIsReference to be true on PinType property of the generated UEdGraphPin objects. Then you would need to make sure that the RigVM and the anim graph work together properly (not sure what this implies).
  2. You could send all the necessary data to Control Rig, create a custom Control Rig node in C++ and do your calculations there.

Out of curiosity, what nodes would like in Control Rig? Maybe I could advise on a simpler solution.

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