Get Component Velocity vs Get Physics Linear Velocity

What is the difference between Get Component Velocity and Get Physics Linear Velocity nodes?

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Late answer but this simply means it will get the velocity of a component relative to its parent. So if the parent and the component are travelling at the same velocity, this will return 0.

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I was just going through unanswered questions and saw this one. I was like: this looks familiar. Oh wait… this is my question :smiley:
Thanks for the answer btw. Now it makes sense :slight_smile:

“This simply means” ok which one dude. Because I’m running get physics linear velocity on a mesh and the return vectors are all 0 no matter how fast or what direction it goes in. So which one is which

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OK so if you are getting a 0 return on vectors in get physics linear velocity it can have something to do with variable replication or component replication over the server

I had the “get physics linear velocity” returning 0, its just that under collision of the object collision needs to set to “Physics only” or “Query & physics.”
Makes sense but can be easy to miss!

He is referring to Get Component Velocity. Physics Linear Velocity is independent of the parent and requires some sort of force acting on the object (as well as physics enabled) are you sure that’s the case? Also are you using a skeletal mesh?

That was my problem. My noobie self thought no collision just made it not clickable.