Get ComboBox selected Item index

Hey everyone. How can I get the current selected ComboBox Index from a UMG ComboBox? Every player has multiple ANobleman instances and I want to implement a ComboBox where the player can select one. Now, I of course have to get some correlation between the selected Item (Only the name of the Nobleman) and the actual Nobleman instance. I thought about creating a parallel array of nobleman instances, but therfore I need the Index of the current selected Item, not the content string. And no, I will not try to write some spooky trace back functions from the name to the object :wink:

Or is there a better way? If it would be possible to add custom data to every ComboBox Option, this would be great. But I fear this isn’t featured in Blueprints, and Widgets and C++ are a huge pain in the ***^^

You can use “find option index” to have the current index of the selected option.

You can grab the selected index and selected value like this. :slight_smile: