Get collision location each tick

Hi all,

I’m searching a way to capture the location of colliding points for a box each tick.

Something like this:


The standard box component hasn’t a way of query the physx engine to get these informations, that are only available when an hit event occurs (OnComponentHit).

What I’m trying to get is query each tick the box component to get the location where the box are colliding at.

Is there a way to do it?
If nothing similar already exists, I can override the Box Component class, How can I query PhysX Engine to get these informations?

Thanks you in advance!!

OnComponentHit is called as long as the component is awake and colliding. You could save the hit locations in an array and use them in tick, where they don’t change when the component sleeps. As for getting the whole plane on wich the box is colliding, you would probably need your own collision component.

The problem with event is that I never know when the box component no more collide.

Instead of whole plane would be better get the central point of collision like the picture below.


Do you have any doc or articles that talks about creation of custom collision?

Thanks for response

Unfortunately not sure if there are any docs on custom collision. If you draw debug points OnComponentHit, you can see where the object last collided.

I’ve opened this thread, because I think that is not necessary get the collision points to write a code that simulate the physics movement.

If in someway I can execute the physx engine simulation for only one object with custom DeltaTime is perfect