"Get closest point on collision" does not work properly with PHYSICAL bodies

I have Physical body in my level. I use “Get closest point on collision” from my PAWN to PHYSICAL BODY for some purposes. When physical body does not move, or moved by “SetWorldLocation” or “Add world offset” with TELEPORT BOOL = TRUE, closest point perfectly located on mesh. But if Physical body moved by any force (gravity, set linear velocity, add impulse Etc.) closest point on collision trailed by 1 frame from the current. I check this used line trace. This effect is increased if you change max fps to 30 or lower. Thanks.
https://yadi.sk/d/JhH2eUOn38nSFz - link to project. UE 4.14.3. Physical body movement you can find in level blueprint.

alt text

lol, just on Use async Scene for solve this problem) http://prntscr.com/dviyc2