Get class nodes equal to branch returning random true and false

hello i am using ryan laleys quest system from a youtube tutorial and i have a problem with it not it registering a kill because you see kill enemies does not work properly for parent and child class npc enemy, the objective class equaling to enemy class to totally random sometimes it returns true and other times false on the same 1 npc that is a child class, sometimes when killing the enemy for the quest i can kill 6 enemies and the kill counter goes up and it registers those kills for the quest but then randomly other times the kill does counter does not go up and the objective charcter parent class stops equaling to enemy class. is there an alternative i could do to fix this, its very strange and random with this bug.
anyway here is the kill enemies tutorial if anyone could have a quick look through this and see if there is a fix thanks.

i fixed it by setting up a tag check system if the npc character tag and objective tag equal each other then it works perfect