'Get Class Defaults' Node does not provide Texture2D Reference

Is there a reason for this or is this a legitimate bug?

Its a known bug there have been multiple reports today about the class defaults not showing skeletal mesh and other things.

I’m fairly sure. A staff member can back this up if they see it

Hope this helps
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This limitation is currently by design. I followed up a similar post with more info here:
=> New 4.9 Get Class Defaults node doesn't have all the variables - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

Make a custom STRUCTURE, call it Texture2D or something. then add just one variable to it, the Texture2D type.
Something like this:

Then add the variable that’s the Structure you’ve made to your desired Blueprint.
Like this:

Then, when exposing the Defaults, right click on your struct and then choose “SPLIT STRUCT”

Like this:

In the end you’ll have your variable from the CLASS DEFAULTS:

There. Now you have something like this.