Get Children Components does not display Physics Enabled Actors

I am attempting to create a system in which you can pick up items in your left and right hand. The following blueprint is made to attach Blueprints of a certain class to the hand socket.

It loops through components in the blueprint to disable physics and collision, and then attach the object to the socket.

When “Simulate Physics” is set to active on the specific component/mesh in the blueprint, and I attempt to pick it up, it does not get listed in ‘Get Children Components’ and nor does it attach to the socket.

I am unaware as to what is causing this, as further testing shows that if I have physics simulation disabled before I start the game, and then physics is enabled by the game after ‘dropping’ an item I have picked up, I can then pick it up again and drop it, repeatedly.

[LINK: Larger Image][1]

I’ve run into the same problem. Thanks @noms for pointing out that it is the physics enable that’s doing it. I have a simpler example in the attached screenshot.

Calling Get Children Components on a scene component with one physics enabled child, and then checking length of returned array results in 0. When I disable physics on the child the array length is 1.

So… it still happens in 4.19… someone with an workaround?