Get character


I would like to make a character always go in the direction he is facing. This is what I have managed to do for now :

But Get Control Rotation returns me the rotation value, which is something like 0;98;0.
I would like to always make it go where he is facing, so I need a node which returns me the farest point the character is seeing. Can you guys help me to figure it out please, by my way or another ?

Do you really need to use AI for this? why not just set speed in character movement component?

Well. Actually i’m simplifying my question. I would like the AI to move in a location in front of where it is facing. Not exactly where is it facing, I want the location to be A BIT different from the location the character is looking it.
So I can make a character moving in random direction :wink:
This is what I have managed to do :